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Sacha Baron Cohen is Sherlock Holmes

Producer Judd Apatow is at it again, this time with Sacha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell. Etan Cohen is writing a comic send up of Sherlock Holmes, with Cohen in the title role, and Ferrel as his partner Watson.

The last time we saw Ferrell and Cohen together was as rival drivers in the NASCAR comedy ‘Talladega Nights.’ This isn’t the only Sherlock Holmes film in the works, Guy Ritchie has his own version set up at Warner Bros.

This whole idea sounds extremely fun and entertaining to me, and I can totally see Cohen’s Sherlock Holmes, lets hope it lives up to expectations!

3 thoughts on “Sacha Baron Cohen is Sherlock Holmes

  1. You totally beat me to posting this. But it’s probably better that way because your tone is much more upbeat than the “Oh come on” vibe I would have brought to it.

  2. The reason I’m concerned over this is because Will Ferrell is never as funny with already created characters as he is with his own characters (or, basically, his one character, when you boil it down). Bewitched? Not so much. Blades of Glory? Sweet. I just have a feeling he’ll be too limited with the supporting role that it just won’t shine like his other stuff. I am mildly curious to see the direction they take it, though. I mean, Sherlock Holmes does seem an odd choice for a comic outing. But given Cohen’s penchant for immersing himself in roles, my curiosity is at least piqued for the first trailer.

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