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Schwimmer and Co. Reunite?


I don’t want to say that I am the reason there is a ‘Friends’ movie being talked about, but it was only yesterday I pleaded with Hollywood and said that Schwimmer is the most bankable star they had and I’d be on board with anything he does, up to and including a Schwimmer themed waterpark.

Rumors are being started by “insiders” (which is most likely a belching Dorito that knows what it is talking about) that the cast of ‘Friends’ is up for a movie reunion. If you don’t believe the rumors, then you explain to me what else Matt LeBlanc is going to do with his Tuesday’s? Eat cream filled muffins and drink chocolate syrup while sitting on his couch? Well let me tell you, there is only room for one person on that couch and it happens to be me and my giant, beautiful, shade bearing, can be used as a floatation device ass. So, Matt LeBlanc, go star in a movie that doesn’t have a baseball playing chimp.

(I read this from PerezHilton.com (to give him credit) and I trust that man with the conviction of 7 Arabian Princesses.)

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