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Hollywood Hates You

Ace Ventura Jr.
How else do you explain why ‘Ace Ventura Jr.’ is being made? Because I can’t figure it out. Sure maybe I cheated on Hollywood with her much hotter sister. And maybe I stole her car to rob a bank. And yes I got drunk on several vacations with her family and threw up on her mother. But is that any reason to get this nasty with me? I mean ‘Ace Ventura Jr.’?!?!? In the game of ‘Would You Rather …’ I would much rather shit out of my ears and urinate out of my nose than have to sit through this movie.

Is that the best tag line they could come up with for the poster? (Yes it is) (Actually no it isn’t) (OK, were up for 7 straight days doing lines of coke off various hookers and drinking nothing but crude oil, so yeah, we kind of blew this one. We will get you next time. Promise.)

To think of all the money that is spent on this movie when it could be put to better use by buying me my diamond covered combination rocketship/paintball gun.

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