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Vivendi and Activision Merge

It was only a few years ago where Vivendi was trying to pull itself out of the videogame biz, yesterday, they closed the deal with Activision, creating a publisher valued at $20 billion.

Prior to its merger with Activision, Vivendi’s most profitable video game subsidiary was Blizzard, whose “World of Warcraft,” brings it money by the boat loads. Activision approached Vivendi prior to the merger with talks of acquiring Blizzard.

Now that the companies have merged, some of the biggest video game franchises fall under one roof, “Warcraft,” “Guitar Hero,” and “Call of Duty,” to name a few.

Though, have no fear, Blizzard will continue to operate independently, where they are hard at work with “Diablo III,” and the much anticipated “Starcraft II” on the horizon. As well as a yet to be detailed new MMO.

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