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Inglorious Bastards just got a little more glorious?

Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards has been wrung through the rumor machine over and over again.  We all know the insanity of getting Schwarzenegger, Stallone and Willis to team up, NOT promoting Planet Hollywood, but blowing up Nazi tanks with bazookas.  These three have been linked to this project since the dawn of time, but alas, no official announcement as of yet from anyone’s camp. However, recently, Brad Pitt has been mentioned to take the lead role of the “good” guy killing Nazi’s.  Okay, cool…I can buy that.  Pitt has always surprised me with his choice of roles, generally straying away from the easy pretty boy roles he could have taken, ala Matthew McConaughey, and instead diving head first into more risque roles like Fight Club, Seven and 12 Monkeys.  As of late, with the awful Ocean’s movies, I had begun to lose a tiny bit of love for Pitt.  This could absolutely shoot him back into the Ben’s-eyes limelight.

Well, another name has been added to the infinite list of people that are in or want to be in this movie.  It looks like Leonardo DiCaprio might just take an evil turn in his career.  He is being sought for the role of the suave Nazi general and Jew Hunter.  Well that is very interesting.  For some reason, I always thought a Pitt vs. DiCaprio showdown would be very interesting, and I was excited when Pitt was rumored at first to play opposite Leo in The Departed.  Pitt has always just seemed cooler to me than Matt Damon.  Now it looks like good vs. evil will be in two forms that will make your girlfriend’s squeal with glee.  The only time I can remember Leo ever playing an actual villain was in The Man In the Iron Mask and The Quick and the Dead.  But he has definitely played an asshole in movies like The Basketball Diaries, Celebrity and even kinda in Blood Diamond (a
lovable asshole).  This, however, will be his first real turn at pure evil.  I mean, how can you feel any sympathy for someone labeled as a “Jew Hunter”?  Now, just get Bruce Willis and Stallone in there and we will be golden.  I could take or leave the Governator.  I’m not the hugest Tarantino fan, but I do enjoy his work without spraying my shorts full of foam over every project he does.  But I’ll admit, this one is shaping up to be very cool indeed.

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  1. I’ll be incredibly curious about this movie if the Pitt and DiCaprio rumors turn out to be true. I’ve been interested in this movie way back when it first started hitting the rumor mills (before Kill Bill, me thinks). But this would be an even cooler addition to an already cool idea for a movie. And, if Tarantino can pull it off well, I’ll forgive Death Proof.

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