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WB Developing Marvin the Martian Film

Everyone knows Marvin the Martian, the little weird alien cartoon, you know, the guy in the green spartan-esque helmet? Warner Bros. is aiming to give the little guy a big screen send up, and is starting to develop a live-action/CGI film.

Marvin the Martian was created by Chuck Jones, and first appeared in 1948. Marvin was always looking to blow up earth, but always being foiled by wise-cracking Bugs Bunny.

The pitch was developed by Steve Crystal at Alcon Entertainment, who has a first-look deal at the studio. The story pitched was a Christmas story, Marvin coming to earth to destroy Christmas, but being stopped by getting trapped in a gift box.

Alcon is out looking to bring a writer and director on board, there is currently no scheduled release date. I don’t think I’m necessarily the right demo for it, but I’d be more open to making a film with Marvin the Martian then the Smurfs, but what do I know.

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