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Some Crappy Viral Marketing for “College”

So it’s the last week of summer, and what I’m predicting to be one of the worst weekends for movies. We’ve got “Disaster Movie” and “College,” premiering.

Perhaps by writing this post, I’m only helping the films promotions, but I couldn’t help but talk about it. I personally was a big fan of the viral marketing behind Dark Knight, and Cloverfield. But this is just a new low. What you’ll find below is a a girl in a skimpy outfit, taking a bath in mac & cheese at a supposed college/dorm/frat party. Ironically enough, in the background of the full opening of the video, is a poster for “College.” If we’re supposed to believe this, oh, viral marketers, there a few questions I ask the developers of this. Are we that dumb to assume that even though school is in not in session, kids are hanging up posters to a movie that didn’t even have a decent trailer out yet? And also, at least hire a convincing “dude” to play your main douche bag.

So, please enjoy, the viral marketing for College, in theaters this Friday:

Cute Girl Takes Bath in Mac and Cheese – Watch more free videos

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