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Raimi and Maguire On For ‘Spidey’ 4 & 5


Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that director Sam Raimi have signed up for ‘Spiderman 4’ and 5.  The report goes on to say that the two films will be shot back-to-back.

Kirsten Dunst has been approached to reprise the role of Mary Jane, but, reportedly if she turns them down, the part will not be re-cast.

James Vanderbilt, author of ‘Zodiac,’ has turned in a draft and shooting will begin next fall for a Spring 2011 release.

I’m kind of torn on the news…  I didn’t even bother seeing ‘Spiderman 3,’ in light of the reaction of friends who were bigger fans than I, however, maybe Raimi will take the beating he recieved on number 3 to get back to basics in 4 and 5.  I guess we’ll wait and see…

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