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Farrelly Bros. to Finally Make Three Stooges


After years of talking about it, Peter and Bobby Farrelly will finally be making their long awaited Three Stooges movie.

MGM announced that the film is going ahead with a November 20, 2009 release date, so, they’d better get cracking.  There is no word on casting, though Benecio del Toro’s name was thrown about a while ago.  Is he still on board?  In the press release, Peter Farrelly said they may conduct an ‘American Idol’ type audition to find the perfect stooge.  So, if you have a Moe hair-cut, maybe this is the time for you to get into acting.

I’ve heard talk about this movie for years.  When I was working on ‘Fever Pitch’ four years ago, there was talk around the office that this was going to be the Farrelly’s next movie.  The structure of the film will be 30 minute skits, sort-of like the original Stooge shorts.  It will, apparently, not be a bio-film.

I’m intrigued by the idea.  However, will audiences be more happy to go and watch the original Curly and not an impersonator?  We’ll have to wait and see…  -Sam

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