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Danny Boyle Reportedly Offered Bond Job

The report is coming from London’s tabloid Sun newspaper, so, take this in that light- but reportedly Danny Boyle has been offered the director’s chair for the next James Bond movie.

As a Bond fan, I’d love to see what Boyle does with the franchise.  I didn’t think Marc Forester was as terrible as most people thought, but it still wasn’t one of the best of the series.

However, why would Boyle agree?  With an Oscar, he kinda has a rare chance to really dictate what his next movie would be.  And if he were to take the Bond job, that’d tie him up for the next two years, at which point the fact that he had won anything might be greeted with a bit of a yawn.

So, I’m not really buying this rumor, but it is fun to think about, isn’t it?  -Sam

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