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IFFBoston Preview: Make-Out with Violence

makeout with violence‘Make-Out With Violence’ is a narrative feature film from the Nashville based Deagol Brothers. Tim Anderson from ‘Bloody-Disgusting.com’ called is “the American Graffiti of Zombie love stories.’

Made on a micro-budget, the film was made over the course of 2-yeears in Hendersonville, Tenessee.

It tells the story of twins Patrick and Carol darling, recent high school graduates, and their coming to terms with the disappearance of their friend Wendy Hearst. They discover that Wendy’s corpse is animated, they smuggle her back home, and try to find a way to bring her back to the way she used to be.

The film screens Friday April 24th at 10pm at the Somerville Theater.

Check out the trailer:

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