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Scorsese Taking on Sinatra

The title sentence alone should send Sinatra fans through the roof with excitement.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures has accquired the rights to a Sinatra script written by “Field of Dreams” scribe Phil Alden Robinson.

The deal comes after years of negotiating with the Sinatra estate.  Apparently, the major sticking point was how to tell the story and how much of the story to tell.  Scorsese had reportedly been working with “Goodfellas” co-writer Nick Pileggi for over a decade on a script about Dean Martin.  How that script is impacted by this deal remains to be seen.  (At one point, the rumor was Tom Hanks would play Dino.)

No one has been cast thus far as the iconic singer.  Ray Liotta, (who of course rose to fame as Henry Hill in Scorsese’s “Goodfellas,”) played Mr. Sinatra in a 1998 HBO movie.

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