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Berg to Helm ‘Battleship’

I feel like all these Hasbro movies are gonna be a whole lotta blah, but, as long as they keep announcing them, I’ll keep writing about them. Director Peter Berg (The Rundown, Hancock) is in talks to take on a film version of the game “Battleship.” The project is being setup at Universal.

Really? Plot details are under wraps, but here’s hoping its somewhere close to the commercials for the Battleship game with sound, because MAN, I wanted that when I was a kid.

The only circumstance where I will actually pay to go see this, if at the end of the trailer, someone screams, I SUNK YOUR BATTLESHIP. Also, an extra 10 points if Samuel L. Jackson delivers this line.

Other board games getting the film treatment, Monopoly and Candy Land. Sigh.

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