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My Favorite Summer Movie

Jurassic ParkMy Favorite ________ is a new series of articles I’m going to be doing for Lonely Reviewer. This edition of the article is “My Favorite Summer Movie.”

I thought long and hard about what summer blockbuster I’d name as my favorite. There is some criteria to determining this. Nostalgia is a big factor, the summer “event” films were a big part of my childhood. It is definitely hard to pick one.

My pick for favorite summer movie? ‘Jurassic Park.’ The film was released in the Summer of 1993, and I saw it for the first time at Circle Cinemas in Cleveland Circle, Boston. Based on a novel by Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg directed not only one of the most satisfying summer movies of all time, but he showed us how far you could go with CGI.

I’d been an avid reader in my young age, and had already read Jurassic Park multiple times at this point. What makes Spielberg so good at what he does is his ability to bring our imaginations to life. Jurassic Park was the closest thing we’d ever seen to a real dinosaur, and as a ten year old, it scared the heck out of me! I still remember exactly how I felt during the scene when the T-Rex first escapes from its pen.

Has the film withstood the test of time? I’d say its effects still stand up fairly well, save for a few of the all CG scenes. This is definitely due to Spielberg and his team mixing both CGI and puppets.

Looking back, I definitely think the film could have used a lot more of Crichton’s novel, but even still, the film definitely does it justice.

There are definitely other summer movies that I could talk about, but I don’t think any of them hold as much of a special place in my heart then ‘Jurassic Park.’

What’s your favorite summer movie?

One thought on “My Favorite Summer Movie

  1. For me, Tim Burton’s “Batman,” holds a special place. I remember sitting in line, waiting for the theater to open, the blaring of Prince’s soundtrack before the movie began, and everyone in the audience bursting into applause at the first appearance of the batmobile, the Joker and the famous, “I’m Batman,” line.

    I’ve seen the movie a couple of times after that, but it never holds a candle to that first screening.

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