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View-Master film!?

ViewmasterOk. This is getting ridiculous. Dreamworks is currently negotiating the acquisition of the film rights to the View-Master. Those red Fisher-Price 3D toys that you’d put a little disc into and look at mountain vistas.

The film is being written and produced by Brad Caleb Kane, and be produced by Tranformers writing-duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Kane wrote on his twitter that the film will be in the style of ‘Goonies.’ Though this post is no longer availabl.e

I’m not really sure what sort of film the Viewmaster can inspire, because clearly, it isn’t as if there is a deeply involved story here, but, if anyone can make thing out of thin air, it’ll be these guys.

There are a lot of old nostalgic toy/game films coming up, I feel like each one that is being announced is getting more and more out there. But, obviously I’ll save judgment till I start to hear more details for the story.

For Dreamworks sake, I hope they don’t pay too much for the rights.

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