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Robert DeNiro Joins “Machette” Cast

If you saw “Grindhouse,” the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino movie that, while dun and cool, didn’t win over everyone, you’ll remember “Machette.”  It was one of the fake trailers that opened the movie.  It was a send-up of Mexploitation, starring Danny Trejo.

The trailer went over so well with audiences, that Robert Rodriguez has been talking about making a Machette feature ever since the movie opened.  Well, with shooting scheduled to start in the next two weeks, there has been some casting news.  According to the web-site Bloody Disgusting, joining the cast will be Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah Hill and Robert DeNiro.  Robert DeNiro.  Seriously.  When I first heard about “Machette,” it was going to be a direct-to-DVD movie.  I’m assuming with DeNiro appearing, a theatrical run is a given.

I was interested in the movie before, I’m really interested in the movie now.

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