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Sony to Release Michael Jackson Film

You’ve seen the clips on TV enough times, but Sony thinks that there’s an audience for any footage of Michael Jackson’s final performance.

The footage shot in LA as Jackson rehearsed for his run of 50 shows in the UK is incredibly close to being bought by Sony Pictures.  What they want to do, according to sources, is to combine the rehearsal footage with some of the newly shot 3D footage that would have played during Jackson’s stage show, (including a jaunt through the “Thriller” video set,) into a feature-length concert film.

The footage has been offered up for sale and Sony is said to be close to paying $50 million for it.  Kenny Ortega, who was choreographing the concert, (and who also directed “High School Musical,”) is reportedly going through the footage and will cut the whole thing together.

Maybe I’m the one who’s nuts, but I would think a much better tribute to Jackson would be a complilation of his greatest performances and videos, and not rehearsal footage of a concert that was never meant to be.  The whole thing sounds morbid.  Having just typed all that, I’m sure I will be proved wrong.  I expect this movie will make hundreds of milions of dollars.

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