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Hugh Jackman ‘Greatest Showman on Earth’

‘The Greatest Showman on Earth’ the new P.T. Barnum biopic will star Hugh Jackman as the lead. The film is a musical, and will focus on his relationship with singer Jenny Lind, written with Anne Hathaway in mind.

The script is being written by Sex and the City scribe Jenny Bicks, with music being written by singer-songwriter Mika.

Looks like the producers are looking to recreate the Jackman-Hathaway moment from the Oscars. I didn’t realize they were aiming this to be a musical, which I guess works considering the showman P.T. Barnum was. But a part of me will have trouble separating fact from fiction while P.T. Barnum steps aside to sing about how he loves to hoax the public. I’ll be watching this one closely. One thing is for sure, Hugh Jackman loves to sing.

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