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“Three Stooges” Cast Changes

The Boston Globe is reporting that the Farrelly brothers latest movie has gone through some casting changes.  Their take on “The Three Stooges,” isn’t going to be a biography, but instead will be a feature-length version of the classic Stooges shorts.

However, there have been some changes with the cast.  Sean Penn, who had been signed to play Larry, dropped out to take the next year off of work.  However, the Globe is reporting that Paul Giamatti has been signed to replace him.  Benicio del Toro is still on track to play Moe.  It was believed that Jim Carrey would play Curly, but the Farrellys said that he hasn’t been signed yet.

So what have we learned?  Paul Giamatti is in, Sean Penn is out.  del Toro remains.  No word on Carrey.

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