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McQuarrie to Pen ‘Wolverine’ Sequel

Apparently oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to write the script for a sequel to ‘Wolverine.’

Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Wolverine. The film will be based off the Claremont-Miller series where Wolverine struggles between following his animal instincts, or living a life under the samurai code of honor and respect.

McQuarrie wrote the Usual Suspects, and was previously credited as a writer on the first X-Men film, but had his name removed when he thought the final film had very little to do with his original work. I didn’t catch the first ‘Wolverine’ film, and I gotta say, the prerelease buzz really killed it for me. But, I’ve got a lot of faith in McQuarrie, so, we’ll see how this gels in a few years.

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