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Nichols Dives Into “Deep Water”

Mike Nichols has reportedly lined up a film adaptation of the book “Dark Water” as his next project.  The book is by Patricia Highsmith, best known for writing “Strangers on a Train,” for Alfred Hitchcock and the Tom Ripley books which have been made into movies several times over.

The story is about a well-to-do couple living in a small town.  The wife has a series of lovers on the side and when one of them turns up dead, the husband hints that perhaps it’s another of her conquest who did the killing to scare the husband.  Because it’s a Highsmith story, things get more complicated and pretty soon the husband does have blood on his hands.

The script is being written by Joe Penhall, who also wrote the adaptation of the upcoming “The Road,” based on the Cormac McCarthy book.

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