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“Batman” Rumors Fly

Ain’t It Cool News has an interesting rumor about the much talked-about third Christopher Nolan Batman movie.  The article says that Nolan wants to shoot the third Batman fully in IMAX.  They say this is a rumor for several reasons.  One main reason being that, well, it could prove incredibly difficult.  In fact, Ain’t It Cool goes as far to say that Nolan might be making next summer’s “Inception” as a way to buy a little more time to get a camera made to his specifications.

Now, is this true?  I don’t know.  Is it believable?  Well, sure.

Frankly, I’m more excited that Nolan is talking and thinking about a third Batman movie, than learning how he wants to possibly shoot it.  (That excitement will come later.)

Also, the report that Megan Fox is playing Catwoman?  That’s a lie.  Ain’t gonna happen.  You’re welcome.

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