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Josh Olson Would Rather Not Read Your Screenplay

John Olson, best known for writing “A History of Violence,” with director David Cronenberg says in a new article in The Village Voice that, no, thank you, he’d rather not look through your latest draft of a magnum opus.  Titled, “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script,” Olson lays out, in pretty black and white words, why he’d rather not look at what you’ve written.

I guess I get where Olson is coming from, he sounds a bit angry here.  Maybe he should do a re-write…

Check out his article here.

4 thoughts on “Josh Olson Would Rather Not Read Your Screenplay

  1. It’s an interesting point, something that I think is all too true. Where would Mr. Olson be now if someone, at some point in time, refused to read his f-ing script? Can you imagine how angry he’d be? I shudder to think…

  2. Sam, your question indicates to me that you missed the whole point of the article. It’s not a screed against reading newbie’s work. It’s a screed against people who corner professionals when they barely know them and put them on the spot. It’s incredibly rude. If Olson is any kind of professional – and by his credits he certainly is – it’s extremely unlikely that he was guilty of that sort of behavior when he was starting out. It’s the mark of someone who thinks like an amateur, much like halfcute, whose blog entry is confused, hostile, off the point, and exactly the kind of behavior Olson – and every working writer I know – can’t stand.

  3. What I was trying to say was that, for me, it was a question of tone. I agree that cornering any professional in any field in a non-work situation and asking for favors is rude and inappropriate.

    Olson could just say, “I’m sorry I don’t do that,” smile nicely and then walk away. I don’t think he owes anybody anything other than politeness. But he does owe them respect, something that his article was lacking.

    I’ve worked for producers who, while entering a pitch meeting with a network, were shocked to find that they were pitching to a former intern that they abused. Their show didn’t get made.

    Thanks for reading and commenting.

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