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“Roger Rabbit” Follow-Up In the Works

Robert Zemeckis has announced that writers are hard at work at a follow-up to his hit movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”  The script is being written by Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price.  These are the same guys who wrote the first movie.  Zemeckis said that motion capture, (his prefered method of filmmaking as of late,) will probably be a part of the film, but that he thinks the ‘toons should remain in 2D.

A follow-up movie to “Roger Rabbit,” has been long talked about, with some scripts even being written.  Some of the previous scripts included “Roger Rabbit II: Toon Platoon,”(a World War II-themed sequel,) and “Who Discovered Roger Rabbit?” a prequel, focusing on Roger’s pre-fame discovery.

The development and follow-up to this movie is really interesting and if you’re intrigued, I highly recommend you check out the Wikipedia article.

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