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IFFBoston 2010 Lineup Announced

IFFBoston is coming up April 21-28, and the lineup of films is as follows:


Bass Ackwards
In this feature by Linas Phillips, a man fresh from a break-up with a married woman embarks on a road trip in a VW bus.
Cairo Time
Patricia Clarkson stars in this romantic drama about a brief, unexpected love affair that catches two people completely off-guard.
Cell 211
In this Goya Award-winning suspense thriller from Spain, a rookie guard is trapped inside a prison during a riot and must pretend he is a prisoner to survive.
Sexual tension between a teacher and her students simmers to a boil in a 1930s female boarding school.
Le Donk & Scor-Zay-Zee
A former roadie, Le Donk, aspires to take a rapper from the Midlands to the heights of fame with the help of the Artic Monkeys in this mockumentary by Shane Meadow (THIS IS ENGLAND).
Down Terrace
This genre-busting film depicts the members of a crime family as they attempt to restore their business dealings after time spent in jail.
An unassuming guy is shocked out of his dull, everyday work routine when he discovers that his co-workers aren’t exactly from this planet in the latest film by Amber Benson and Adam Busch.
The Extra Man
In this urbane comedy, Paul Dano and Kevin Kline play writers who sideline as escorts for wealthy widowed socialites.
Father of My Children
This French drama serves as an exploration of the hardships of filmmaking and rumination on loss and hope.
The Freebie
In Katie Aselton’s directorial debut, a young couple (Dax Shepard and Aselton) consents to permit each other one night of freedom from their monogamous relationship.
The Good, The Bad, The Weird
In this Korean Western, three Outlaws in 1930s Manchuria attempt to recover a map to buried treasure in this frenetic, high-octane action film.
Harmony and Me
Recently dumped, Harmony seeks solace through various encounters in this wry comedy.
Hipsters (Stylyagi)
This Russian musical puts a bright new spin on a traditional film genre throwing the viewer into a world that’s somehow both familiar and strange.
I Am Love
The wife of an Italian industrial magnate (Tilda Swinton) embarks on a dangerous affair in this sumptuous film.
The Killer Inside Me
Casey Affleck portrays a Texas deputy sheriff whose dormant violent tendencies resurface. Directed by Michael Winterbottom.
Life During Wartime
Todd Solondz revisits the characters from his previous films recast with different actors including Ally Sheedy and Allison Janney.
Looking for Eric
A postman seeks the spiritual and philosophical advice of famous footballer Eric Cantona in this film by Ken Loach.
Lovers of Hate
Dark comedy about two alienated brothers whose sibling rivalry extends to their relationship with the same woman.
Walter Rhum’s objective is to ride for the world’s greatest skateboard company, Machotaildrop, in this surreal, visually inventive film.
My Suicide
Archibald Holden Buster Williams’ school project is to kill himself on camera.
Perrier’s Bounty
This thriller set in Dublin stars Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy and Jim Broadbent.
Phillip the Fossil
Garth Donovan’s gritty portrait of a small town party animal on the brink of evolution or extinction.
Putty Hill
After a young man dies from a drug overdose his friends gather to reflect on his life and loss.
Solitary Man
Michael Douglas portrays a used car magnate whose personal demons dismantle his life.
Soul Kitchen
Zinos tirelessly attempts to save his Greek restaurant and relationship with his girlfriend while keeping his brother out of jail in this German comedy.
Tiny Furniture
The return home of newly graduated Aura causes family upheaval as she navigates her family’s expectations and warily chooses between 2 potential boyfriends.
Winter’s Bone
Ree desperately searches for her father whose disappearance after posting bail risks her losing their Ozark home. Stars John Hawkes (Deadwood, Lost).


8: The Mormon Proposition
Investigates the Mormon Church’s role with passing California’s Proposition 8.
9500 Liberty
A county in Virginia becomes a battleground for immigration policy in the U.S.
American: The Bill Hicks Story
An oral history about the life of the late, influential comedian told in a revolutionary animated style by the people who knew him best.
Anne Perry: Interiors
Intimate portrait of the author who was the inspiration for HEAVENLY CREATURES.
Twelve Nicaraguan banana workers sue Dole Food over their use of a dangerous pesticide known to cause sterility.
Bear Nation
From the director of SMALL TOWN GAY BAR comes a look at one of the lesser-known subculture within the gay community. Includes interviews with Bob Mould and Kevin Smith
Beijing Taxi
The lives and struggles of three taxi drivers navigating their way through a rapidly changing city is revealed.
Casino Jack and the United States of Money
Alex Gibney (THE TRIALS OF HENRY KISSINGER) investigates lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his trail of lies and deceit.
An examination of the loss of bee population that is by turns lyrical and straightforward.
A fascinating glimpse of the turbulent machinery behind the 2008 Democratic Convention.
Dirty Pictures
The ”father of ecstacy” discusses how chemistry has led to enlightenment for him and his wife.
The Disappearance of McKinley Nolan
Retired US Army Lt. Dan Smith, revisiting the battlefields of Vietnam in 2006, encounters, McKinley, a private who disappeared 40 years earlier.
Do It Again
Boston Globe writer Geoff Edgers fights an uphill battle to reunite the Kinks.
The Elephant in the Living Room
Documentary about the dangers and responsibilities associated with keeping exotic animals as pets.
Erasing David
Director David Bond attempts to disappear to find out just how much private companies and government know about him.
Family Affair
At age 10, Chico Colvard accidentally shot his sister in the leg which inadvertently exposed a shocking, long buried family secret.
His & Hers
A 90-year-old love story told through the collective voice of 70 ladies at different stages of their lives
How to Fold a Flag
Examines the difficulties facing returning veterans of the Iraqi War.
I’m Dangerous with Love
Dimitri Mugianis, addicted to drugs and alcohol is aided by an experimental treatment utilizing ibogaine, a hallucinogen used by African shaman for centuries.
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child
Portrait of the short life of celebrated Neo-Expressionist artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Captivating scars-and-all portrait of the iconic, hardworking Joan Rivers.
The Last Survivor
Survivors struggle to understand the tragedy of genocide by educating others about the mass atrocities that they endured.
Follows the legendary heart of Motörhead from his LA apartment to an arena in Russia and back.
Life 2.0
A filmmaker adopts an avatar to fully engage and explore the world of Second Life, an online community where the inhabitants are the digital representations.
The Lottery
Examines the anxious months preceding the lottery for Harlem Success Academy, one of the most successful public charter schools in the country.
A man deals with being savagely beaten by creating beautiful photographs of G.I. Joe and Barbie dolls to narrate his fantasy life.
NY Export: Opus Jazz
In this vivid, gorgeously-shot adaptation of a lesser-known ballet by Academy Award-winning choreographer Jerome Robbins (WEST SIDE STORY), New York City Ballet dancers take to the streets and warehouses of New York, bringing an invigorating new energy to the form
The Oath
The story of two brothers-in-law, close to Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, and their very different outcomes post 9/11.
October Country
Intimately tracks a year in the life of four generations of a family trying to attain stability in an impoverished area of Upstate New York.
On the Other Side of Life
A gripping account of two brothers struggling to balance modernity and tradition in Cape Town.
Orgasm Inc.
This hilarious and thought-provoking documentary explores the world of pharmaceutical companies attempting to get FDA approval for the first Viagra-like product for women.
The Parking Lot Movie
“It’s not just a Parking Lot. It’s a battle with humanity” This doc explores the lessons of learned by those that work in parking lots.
The transformative and influential power of soccer is explored in areas as far flung as Bolivia, to China, Kenya, Iraq and Brazil.
Searching for Elliott Smith
Intimate portrait of lo-fi, indie rock sensation Elliott Smith
Secrets of the Tribe
Fascinating documentary about the effects of anthropologists on a remote tribe in the Amazon
Strange Powers: Magnetic Fields
A rare opportunity to become acquainted with cantankerous musician and writer, Stephen Merritt
Taqwacore: The Birth of Punk Islam
Traces the origin of Muslim punk scene from its conception in a novel by Michael Muhammad Knight to a fully realized movement.
War Don Don
Thoughtful examination of the protracted, costly and questionable process of how war criminals were prosecuted in Sierra Leone.


5 Variations On A Long String
Explores composer/performer Ellen Fullman’s ”long string instrument” that spans over sixty feet to create a dense sound to engulf the audience.
The Armoire
An unforgettably textured tale of childhood secrets that is both haunting and wickedly funny.
In an isolated convenience store in the middle of the desert, Chuck comes to realizations about himself and the course of his life. Featuring David Thewlis, Harry Dean Stanton and Fiona Dourif
In this darkly comic short, a man with intimacy issues develops a grotesquely large blackhead in the middle of his back
Born Sweet
A boy from a rural village in Cambodia pursues his dream of stardom despite suffering from Arsenic poisoning from the local water supply.
In politics, some things are lost and gained in translation.
The Fence
Short film about the construction of the fence on the border between the U.S. and Mexico.
Longtime friends Matt and Jenn decide to reconnect by having a baby, despite the the fact that he is gay and she is straight.
God Of Love
A lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion finds his prayers are answeredÑliterallyÑwhen he mysteriously receives a box of love-inducing darts
The Hirosaki Players
A Japanese playwright struggles with his aging, arrogant actor father for control of the play and their relationship.
Invisible Loneliness
A young girl is left alone with only a key to remind her of her father. When that key is lost, she wonders if she will ever see her parents or experience home again.
Iowa Mixtape
Iowa: home of cornfields, Grant Wood, and… hip-hop fans?
Junko’s Shamisen
A young Japanese orphan, and her mystical friend, exact poetic justice on a malevolent samurai lord
Keep Dancing
Blending nine decades of archival film, photographs and present day footage, the passing of time and process of aging is expressed though dance
Laredo, Texas
Sam suspects that Juan, who he is training at his job to fix pay phones, may be an illegal immigrant.
Little Accidents
A desperate young factory worker recruits a mentally disabled ex-boyfriend to steal a pregnancy test for her.
A young environmental activist’s ideology is challenged when a forest is threatened with being clearcut
New Media
Living in the lap of luxury through no achievement of his own, an out of touch middle-aged poseur tries to make good by getting in on the ‘viral video’ craze.
One Last Cigarette
A brief encounter between two Parisian smokers leads to an unpredictable outcome
One Square Mile Of Earth
A bunny, frog, goat, bear, hippopotamus and squirrel walk into a bar…
Out In That Deep Blue Sea
A middle-aged man goes door-to-door, attempting to draw clients to his real estate agency.
The Poodle Trainer
A Russian circus-dog trainer rehearses, grooms, costumes, and performs with her purebred poodles.
Focuses on two ‘conventional’ couples who participated in group marriage in the early 1970s, eager to find an alternative to divorce.
The S From Hell
Throughout the 1960s, a snaky symbol accompanied by a sinister tune appeared on television and terrorized a generation.
Sebastian’s Voodoo
A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death
Seeds Of The Fall
The director of the Academy AwardÐnominated INSTEAD OF ABRACADABRA (IFFBoston 2009) returns with this quirky comedy about trust and happenstance.
Snake Fever
Short documentary about Waynoka, Oklahoma’s annual rattlesnake hunt.
Beautifully animated short film about an environmentally conscious creature
Voice On The Line
The soothing voices of telephone operators tempt callers to share their secrets.
Wisdom Teeth
Latest short from existential animator, Don Hertzfeldt.

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