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IFFBoston 2010: A Midpoint Review

IFFBoston has just about reached its midway point and I must say, this year is just has been just as fun if not even better then years past. The selections of films have been as great as expected, and just like anything of this sort, its great to be seeing films with people who have the same love and respect for film as you do.

This year for the first time I was able to find some time to check out one of the festivals many panels, a session titled “Working Both Sides of the Camera: Actors Who Direct, Directors Who Act.” The panel featured actor directors Katie Aselton (The Freebie), Amber Benson (Drones), Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture), and Linas Phillips (Bass Ackwards). It was great to see these individuals discuss their work and describe what its like to work both sides of the camera. The panel was moderated by Zak Lee, and was eventually opened up to the audience for questions.

So the Festival may be half-started (I hate to say half-over, because that would be admitting that I only have a few more days to see a ton of great movies), but there are still many films that you should check out, films like ‘The Parking Lot Movie, ‘My Suicide,’ ‘The Elephant in the Living Room,’ ‘Orgasm Inc,’ ‘The Killer Inside Me,’ ‘Life 2.0,’ Putty Hill,’ ‘Tiny Furniture,’ Searching for Elliott Smith,’ and MORE!

So if you still need to buy tickets, click here.

Also, I just wanted to echo here on LonelyReviewer.com a message I’ve heard all week. IFFBoston is a completely volunteer run, non-profit festival. If you’ve been to the festival, you know how great it is, so if you haven’t yet, pick up some of their great merch (T-shirts, bags etc), or visit http://www.iffboston.org and click on the Donate button. Any amount will help them out! Thanks for reading Lonelyreviewer.com

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