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DVD Review: She’s Out of My League

‘She’s Out of My League’ directed by Jim Field Smith and starring Jay Baruchel in his first major feature film role is a so-so romantic comedy that is fun but ultimately forgettable.

The film tells the story of Kirk, a lowly TSA employee, dorky, nerdy, one of those guys that has been abused all his life, whether his friends or family. It opens with Kirk trying to get his ex-gf from two years prior, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), back. It’s in his rejection, where Kirk meets Molly (Alice Eve). Kirk unlike his coworkers, treats Molly like a completely normal person, and helps her get through TSA screening unbothered.

Molly, forgets her cell phone in the plastic bin, which Kirk conveniently finds, and holds for her. This is what brings them together, and to return the act of kindness, Molly invites Kirk out, first to a museum gallery opening, and then, to a hockey game. The pair start hitting it off, but Kirk doesn’t quite understand why a girl like Molly would have any interest in him.

The movie has its moments, but its just horribly predictable. And honestly, the laughs were few and far between. I like Baruchel, but ‘She’s Out of My League’ felt a lot like a straight to dvd/straight to cable late night comedy then something that actually saw a theatrical release. The movie tries hard to have its “gross-out” comedy moments, but those parts feel thrown in there, as 90% of the movie teeters on a cute romantic comedy. The film definitely suffers from a serious identity crisis.

The movie is completely horrible, but, there just isn’t anything that sets it apart then any run in the mill low budget romantic (wannabe gross out) comedy. I saw it maybe 12 hours ago, and I barely remember the parts that I liked about it (but there were a few). So that sums it up, this is definitely a watch if its on comedy central type movie, but, there is absolutely no need to go out of your way.

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