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Preview Review: August 12, 2011

PREVIEW REVIEW August 12, 2011

1.  30 Minutes Or Less – A comedy about a kid with a bomb strapped to him and forced to rob a bank.  This looks decently funny, mostly because I’m becoming a big fan of Danny McBride, even though I often refer to him as “that funny guy from Tropic Thunder”.  The Indian kid from Parks And Recreation is pretty funny too, but I’m still not sold on Jesse Eisenberg as an actor.  Time will tell.
PREDICTION:  3 stars

2.  Final Destination 5 – I loved the first Final Destination, and thought part 2 and 3 were watchable.  I haven’t seen part 4, which I was under the impression was the last installment, according to the title, but I guess not.  This one looks pretty by the books and I’m sure will be as entertaining as it’s going to be.  I’ll wait for
PREDICTION:  2 stars

3.  Glee: The Concert Movie – Not being a fan of Glee, not because its a bad show, but because it’s just a show I have zero interest in, I’m sure the concert movie will be the same.  I will probably never watch this movie, unless my kid or my wife wants to see it someday.  If I do watch it, I will try to view it with an open mind, but that’s a very strong “if”.
PREDICTION:  2 stars

4.  The Help (August 10th) – This is a drama about two African American (Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer) house workers who become involved in a secret writing project with one of the women who lives
in the house, played by Emma Stone.  I’ve read very great reviews, and I’ve also heard that the book it is based on was a big hit as well. I’ve also been hearing Oscar talk about the two lead women, so this might be good to get into the awards season mood.
PREDICTION:  3 stars

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