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Tips on attending IFFBoston 2012

Having attended the Independent Film Festival of Boston since 2006, I thought I’d post a few tips from my past experiences!

What Should I See?

We’ve done spotlights on a handful of great films you can find at this years festival, but if you’re still having trouble deciding…IFFBoston is without a doubt one of the best programmed film festivals I’ve ever attended. If you aren’t sure what film to see, if anything looks even slightly interesting, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy it. There have been times when I took a total chance, and those films ended up being some of my favorites.

Plan ahead!

Head on over to iffboston.org/buytickets to view the film schedule and descriptions. Map out your fest, or use Festival Genius to do the planning for you. Pick a few films, and Genius will compile the perfect schedule.

If there’s something you definitely want to see and are not a pass holder, BUY YOUR TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME. Space is limited, and films sell out. Even if you have a ticket, show up early! You don’t want to get stuck in a bad seat! I often show up 45 minutes to an hour ahead of time, especially when the festival is in full swing. Minutes count.

What are RUSH LINES?

The festival saves space for pass holders. Just because advanced tickets are sold out, doesn’t mean the film is totally sold out. Fifteen minutes before the show, empty seats are released to the rush line. I’d recommend showing up as early as possible for Rush Lines as well.

If you have any questions during the festival, walk right up to the volunteers, they’ll be super easy to spot. Everyone is there to make sure you have the best most memorable time possible. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but go to one screening, and I can be certain you’ll be back for more!

If you have any more questions, please feel free to post in the comments below!

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