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Netflix Pick of the Week: The Whistleblower

“The Whisteblower” is an extremely horrifying, yet important film – because it deals with the important subject of sex trafficking. It’s a sad, terrible thing that is harsh reality all over the world, and it brings many of these truths to light.

The film is based on the real life experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac (played by Rachel Weisz in the film), a Nebraska police officer who served as a UN peacekeeper at in post-war Bosnia. Joining the U.N. as a means to earn money so that she could relocate for the sake of being closer to her daughter at home, Kathryn arrives in Bosnia and begins observing the local police on behalf of a company contracted by U.N. in this time of post-war transition.

Film’s like this don’t get enough press because of the content, and it certainly isn’t an uplifting story, but, director Larysa Kondracki puts together a brooding, dark tale that is extremely captivating, as well as frustrating. The film is available on Netflix Watch Instant. Read our full review here, and add it to your queue here.

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