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Shrinkage: A Sci-Fi Comic Series!

Good friend to the site and 5-time Emmy Award winner Rob Kutner has joined forces with renowned illustrator John Lucas (X-Men, Deadpool) for an original sci-fi comedy comic book series, “Shrinkage.” 

Alien’s have invaded, but rather than flying saucers, they’ve come via the brain of the President of the United States. The aliens feed on radiation, and want to turn the Earth into a “one giant, glowing bon-bon of radioactivity.”


The beautifully drawn and written comic is available free through the Farrago Comics app, and issue 5 has just been released! With a review forthcoming, we wanted to draw our readers attention to the Indie Go-Go campaign running for “Shrinkage.” With it being such a hit, the team wants to expand and give it a two-part blockbuster finale – so head over and help out!

To start reading these awesome books, download the Farrago Comics App (Google Play/iOS) and stay tuned for our full review of the story so far!

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