Cannes Festvial Ends With Haneke Winning Palme d’Or

The Cannes film festival ended with Austrian director Michael Haneke winning the Palme d’Or for his new movie, “The White Ribbon.”  “Ribbon,” is set in 1931 and is about strange goings on in a small town in Germany, where strange deaths occur.

The Cannes jury was headed by actress Isabelle Huppert and included Asia Argento, Hanif Kureishi and Robin Wright Penn.  There had been rumors of screaming and fights in the jury room, but several members have denied such stories.  Here’s the full list of winners:

Palme d’Or
The White Ribbon, Michael Haneke, Germany-France-Austria-Italy

Grand Prix
A Prophet, Jacques Audiard, France

Special Jury Prize
Alain Resnais, Wild Grass (France)

Brillante Mendoza, Kinatay, Philippines

Jury Prize
Fish Tank, Andrea Arnold, UK
Thirst, Park Chan-wook, South Korea-U.S.

Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds, U.S.-Germany

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Antichrist, Denmark-Germany-France-Sweden-Italy-Poland

Mei Feng, Spring Fever, Hong Kong-France

Short Films Jury Prizes

Palme d’Or
Arena, Joao Salaviza, Portugal

Special Mention
The Six Dollar Fifty Man, Mark Albiston, Louis Sutherland, New Zealand

Un Certain Regard Jury Awards
Main Prize
Dogtooth, Yorgos Lanthimos, Greece

Jury Prize
Police, Adjective, Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania

Special Prize
No One Knows About Persian Cats, Bahman Ghobadi, Iran
Father of My Children, Mia Hansen-Love, France

Other Main Jury Awards

Camera d’Or
Samson And Delilah, Warwick Thornton

Special Mention
Ajami, Scandar Copti, Yaron Shani, Israel-Germany

Critics’ Week Grand Prix
Farewell Gary, Nassim Amamouche, France

Fipresci Awards
Competition: The White Ribbon, Michael Haneke, Germany-Austria-France-Italy
Un Certain Regard: Police, Adjective, Corneliu Porumboiu, Romania
Directors’ Fortnight: Amreeka, Cherien Dabis, Canada-Kuwait-U.S.

‘Basterds’ Coming in 2009

Tarantino promised it.  But no one believed him.  Well, believe it now.

The Weinstein Company announced yesterday that Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie, the World War II action film, ‘Inglorious Basterds,’ will open in the US on August 21, 2009.  A mere eight and a half (give or take) from now.  Word is that they are flying through the movie and it will have it’s premiere at Cannes this May.  (Tarantio promised this last May, but nobody believed him.)

This has easily moved to the top of the list of movies I cannot wait to see this year.  It is a very happy New Year, indeed.  -Sam

‘Bastards’ Ready to Roll

Quentin Tarantino has reportedly cast Melanie Lauret as a young Jewish woman who flees to Paris in his upcoming World War II movie, ‘Inglorious Bastards.’  Laurent is a French actress and has starred in a bunch of films in Europe, none of which catch my attention as something I’ve seen or heard of.

Shooting is set to begin on October 13th in Germany.  No release date has been set, but Tarantino has said he wants to screen at next year’s Cannes Film Festival.  Ambitious, sure.  But didn’t he say that about ‘Kill Bill’ too?

New Tarantino Movie in 2009?

Quentin Tarantino, he of ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Kill Bill,’ fame, appeared at this past weekend’s Cannes Film Festival in France.  Speaking with the media, Tarantino said, ‘The next movie I’m doing is my World War II movie.  I just finished up the first draft and if ALL GOES WELL, I will be here, in Cannes, in 2009 with ‘Inglorious Bastards.’

‘Bastards,’ if you aren’t aware, is Tarantino’s take on World War II movies.  Kind of like ‘The Dirty Dozen,’ but with F bombs.  Personally, I can’t wait.

Eastwood to Screen ‘Changeling’ at Cannes

Eastwood to Screen ‘Changeling’ at Cannes

 changeling.jpg‘Changeling’ Clint Eastwood’s 1920s mystery thriller will be paying in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.

The film stars Angelina Jolie, as well as John Malkovich, and Amy Ryan. ‘Changeling is about a kidnapped son returning home to his Mother. Soon after, she sees that the boy who has returned is not hers.

I wasn’t a fan of Million Dollar Baby in the least, but Unforgiven, and Mystic River? Give me more Clint! The synopsis sounds really interesting, and I’m a huge sucker for period pieces.

The film will unspool state side in November.