Film Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Film Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier opens in theaters nationwide today, April 4. Check your local listings for showtimes

At this point we are pretty deep into the Marvel Universe. Fully into Phase 2 of their master plan, we have now had three Iron Mans, two Thors, an Avengers, and now a second Captain America, with Guardians of the Galaxy just around the corner (also, do we mention Hulk, or is Marvel just as unsure of that property as we are?) We have been delighted by Iron Man, and then disappointed by him, while continuously being confused by Thor. The [Read more…]

Film Review: The Avengers

Film Review: The Avengers

Joss Whedon’s The Avengers could have gone either way. It either could have been a complete disaster, or, a hell of a lot of fun. I’m pleased to report that The Avengers is a resounding success.

The film opens with Thor’s brother, Loki, arriving on earth via the Tesseract (a crazy energy cube being researched by S.H.I.E.L.D.). The tesseract is housed in a research facility, and Loki instantly sets out on a path of destruction, battling it out with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and destroying the research facility. [Read more…]

Chris Evans to Play ‘Captain America’

Chris Evans to Play ‘Captain America’

It’s official, after weeks of rumors, Chris Evans has been cast to play ‘Captain America.’

Chris Evans, already a veteran of superhero movies (he played the Human Torch in Fantasic Four) beat out a short list of actors that included Ryan Phillippe and John Krasinski.

The ‘Captain America’ film will be directed by Joe Johnson, and is scheduled for a July 22, 2011 release. Following this, will be ‘The Avengers’ in 2012, that will feature Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and Thor, played by Robert Downey Jr, Ed Norton, and Chris Hemsworth respectively.

Variety reported that Hugo Weaving has been cast as Captain America’s arch-nemesis, Red Skull, a Nazi criminal.

I’ve enjoyed all the recent Marvel adaptations, and I’m glad the rumors have been confirmed. I think Chris Evan’s is an actor capable of this role, so you won’t hear any fanboy complains from me! Now I just want to see the movie!

Marvel Ponders “Fantastic Four” Reboot

One of the big stories yesterday was word that the Walt Disney Company had bought Marvel Entertainment.  One of the smaller stories is that Marvel is also considering rebooting their “Fantastic Four” franchise.

Writer Akiva Goldsman scribe for the two worst Batman movies, “Batman & Robin,” and “Batman Forever,” as well as producer of the Will Smith action hero movie “Hancock,” is reportedly overseeing production.  Writing will be handled by Michael Green, who writes for “Heroes.”   No word on who will be directing this masterpiece.

No word on if the cast (Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, et. all,) will be returning as well.

Why a reboot?  Why now?  Well, apparently, if you read the fine print of the Disney/Marvel deal, Disney gains the rights to Marvel characters such as “Iron Man,” and “Thor,” Fox, (who made the   first two “Fantastic Four” movies,) controls rights to the Four, as long as they keep making movies.

I’ve missed the first two “Fantastic Four” movies, namely because I couldn’t figure out what audience they were for.  They seemed too stupid for adults to enjoy and too adult-ish for kids.  Maybe this’ll change.  Maybe I’ll buy a ticket.  Maybe not.