Dern to Join “Little Fockers”

Laura Dern has been announced as the latest actor to sign on to the third film in the popular “Meet the Parents,” series.  She will be playing the headmistress at the school the Focker children attend.  Dern is joining returning cast members Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, Blythe Danner, Owen Wilson and Teri Polo.  Jessica Alba has also signed on for a unspecified role.  If I wasn’t excited about the second ‘Focker,’ movie, I’m somehow less excited about a third.

Reportedly, the “Little Fockers,” title, (which has been bandied about for the third film,) isn’t set in stone and may change.

Marvel Ponders “Fantastic Four” Reboot

One of the big stories yesterday was word that the Walt Disney Company had bought Marvel Entertainment.  One of the smaller stories is that Marvel is also considering rebooting their “Fantastic Four” franchise.

Writer Akiva Goldsman scribe for the two worst Batman movies, “Batman & Robin,” and “Batman Forever,” as well as producer of the Will Smith action hero movie “Hancock,” is reportedly overseeing production.  Writing will be handled by Michael Green, who writes for “Heroes.”   No word on who will be directing this masterpiece.

No word on if the cast (Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, et. all,) will be returning as well.

Why a reboot?  Why now?  Well, apparently, if you read the fine print of the Disney/Marvel deal, Disney gains the rights to Marvel characters such as “Iron Man,” and “Thor,” Fox, (who made the   first two “Fantastic Four” movies,) controls rights to the Four, as long as they keep making movies.

I’ve missed the first two “Fantastic Four” movies, namely because I couldn’t figure out what audience they were for.  They seemed too stupid for adults to enjoy and too adult-ish for kids.  Maybe this’ll change.  Maybe I’ll buy a ticket.  Maybe not.

DVD Review: The Love Guru

DVD Review: The Love Guru

love-guru.jpgTo read the reviews when  “The Love Guru,” opened in theaters, you would have thought that comedy as it is known had ceased to be.  While this movie is un-funny, uncomfortable and overlong at 88 minutes, it is not the end of comic cinema.  And while it may not signal the end of the Mike Myers era of comedy, it certainly requires that last rites be administered. [Read more…]

‘Love Guru’ Trailer

The trailer for ‘Love Guru’ is now on line. The movie stars Mike Meyers (Pikta) dressed up in a costume again, but this time he is a spiritual leader helping the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is going to be a tough sell because who still cares about Mike Meyers or hockey? I am unsure how to react to this movie. Is Mike Meyers 3 years too late to continue the Mike Meyers thing? How do I respond to this? My life is hard.

Anyway, here is the trailer. Tell me what to think. But don’t tell me anything stupid like I feel you were going to.