5 Great Concert Films

5 Great Concert Films

There’s something about this season that brings back the memories of summers gone by. Memories of friends.  Memories of particular nights.  Memories of particular songs, sung along to, full-throated, beside 10,000 strangers who, for that one moment, could be considered close friends. And while film can never completely capture that feeling, there are a few that at least replicate it enough to warrant multiple viewings.  The following list shares a few of these films. [Read more…]

News: Madonna Makes Directorial Debut

Maybe she’s tired of singing, maybe she’s inspired by Guy Ritchie, whatever the case, Madonna made her Directorial debut at the Berlin Film Festival with Filth & Wisdom.

The film follows a Ukrainian immigrant and self-proclaimed philosopher and poet, as he strives for superstardom with his gypsy punk band. In an attempt to help make ends meet, the main character doubles as a cross-dresser, fulfilling clients’ fantasies by donning costumes including that of a teacher and a dressage rider. If this doesn’t have you on the next plane to Berlin, then I don’t know what will.

When asked if she got any advice from Guy Ritchie in the making of this film, she replied: “Not the editing so much but definitely before I started filming … He said ‘confidence, that’s the most important thing that you need to exude on a set, confidence.'” Thanks Guy, that was illuminating, what were you thinking when you made Revolver, oh yeah, can I get my 9.75 back on that?

The film has no distributor, so who knows if this reporter will ever get a chance to see it, though, the buzz is that “its not as bad as you’d think,” but, why would I wanna see a movie with a review like that?