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News: Madonna Makes Directorial Debut

Maybe she’s tired of singing, maybe she’s inspired by Guy Ritchie, whatever the case, Madonna made her Directorial debut at the Berlin Film Festival with Filth & Wisdom.

The film follows a Ukrainian immigrant and self-proclaimed philosopher and poet, as he strives for superstardom with his gypsy punk band. In an attempt to help make ends meet, the main character doubles as a cross-dresser, fulfilling clients’ fantasies by donning costumes including that of a teacher and a dressage rider. If this doesn’t have you on the next plane to Berlin, then I don’t know what will.

When asked if she got any advice from Guy Ritchie in the making of this film, she replied: “Not the editing so much but definitely before I started filming … He said ‘confidence, that’s the most important thing that you need to exude on a set, confidence.'” Thanks Guy, that was illuminating, what were you thinking when you made Revolver, oh yeah, can I get my 9.75 back on that?

The film has no distributor, so who knows if this reporter will ever get a chance to see it, though, the buzz is that “its not as bad as you’d think,” but, why would I wanna see a movie with a review like that?

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