“Sex and the City” Teaser Poster Released

“Sex and the City” Teaser Poster Released

I may not be the target demographic for this one, (that would be Mrs. Lowry,) but I know this is hotly anticipated.  The first poster for “Sex and the City 2,” has been released.    I know very little about the plot of the second movie, (such spoilers are verboten around our house,) but I was surprised that I enjoyed the first movie.  Maybe I’ll enjoy this one.  It opens May 28th, 2010.


Walhberg Talks “Entourage” Movie

Promoting his new movie, “The Lovely Bones,” actor/producer Mark Walhberg talked his plans for the future of his hit HBO show, “Entourage.”  Wahlberg said that he could see the show going the way of “Sex and the City,” with a big-screen movie to follow-up the ending of the TV show.  He didn’t say when that ending could come.  But for every “Sex and the City,” there’s also and “X Files: I Want to Believe.”  While I feel that the show kinda ran in a circle last season, I’ll be watching what happens next and, will most likely be buying a ticket to a movie.   (I’m a sucker for Ari Gold.”

“Sex and the City” Gets Fast Tracked

 If you wondered how things worked out between Carrie and Big, wonder no more.  Variety is reporting that Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis have all signed on for a “Sex and the City,” sequel.

The first film, which opened last summer, made $152 million in the US and an additional $260 million worldwide.  Not too shabby.  (Plus, no one is calling Catrall for a “Manequin” follow-up, so, really, why not do this?

Michael Patrick King, who wrote and directed the first film, has also signed on to return.

New Line is clearly excited about the film’s prospects and are rushing it into production.  It will shoot later this year and hit screens in summer 2010.

Kung Fu Panda Kicks Up To The Top Spot

It was a great weekend to be a panda. The Jack Black starred ‘Kung Fu Panda’ pulled in $60m to take the top spot for the weekend, with Adam Sandler’s ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan’ trailing in 2nd place, with a $40m take.

‘Indiana Jones’ showed its legs, with $22.8m and ‘Sex and the City’ was a close fourth with $21.3m. ‘Sex and the City,’ had the sharpest decline, with a 63% drop since its opening weekend last week. ‘City,’ has brought in just under $100 million in its first 10 days in release.

In compared with 2007, the box office is up 32%, so, people would rather sit in a theater then watch a crappy bootleg.

Review: Sex and the City

Review: Sex and the City


Summer blockbuster filmmakers take note: Carrie Bradshaw can teach you a thing or two. Four years after riding off into the sunset, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha are back in something that fans have been clamoring for ever since the end of the final episode: the ‘Sex and the City’ movie. [Read more…]

‘Sex’ Whips ‘Indy’

‘Sex’ Whips ‘Indy’

sexandthecity.jpgThe girls from ‘Sex and the City’ officially whipped Indiana Jones this weekend, raking in $55.7 million, making it the best opening ever for an R-rated comedy. Indiana Jones still brought in an honorable $46 million, with a decline of 54% from the Holiday weekend. [Read more…]

‘Sex and the City’ Director Signs First-Look Deal

Dreamworks apparently liked what they saw from writer/director/producer Michael Patrick King’s ‘Sex and the City’ feature, signing him for a first-look deal at the studio.

The film marks his feature directorial debut.

King told Variety “It’s a romantic comedy, but a deconstructed version…I want to write bigger stories about love and what it all means.”

When asked about ‘Sex and the City 2″ he replied that despite writing the film with a beginning, middle, and end, if people are interested “Why not.”