Video of the Week: The Spielberg Face

Video of the Week: The Spielberg Face

This great video essay from Fandor goes into the iconic way Spielberg uses shots of characters faces in pivotal emotional, terrifying, and fascinating scenes – and the way it captures the characters moments perfectly.

Check out the video below:

Simon Pegg to Appear in Tintin?

It’s no secret, I’m one of the three American’s excited for the new Spielberg/Jackson ‘Tintin’ trilogy, and this week, a lot of news has been coming out from the mill, the big news of the week being Universal backing out of funding the trilogy.

This latest news comes from The Times Online, apparently, Simon Pegg (‘Hot Fuzz,’ ‘Shaun of the Dead’) was told by Steven Spielberg that perhaps he and Nick Frost could play Thomson and Thompson, a pair of bumbling detectives that often pursue the wrong suspect (oftentimes even arresting poor Tintin).

The obvious physical differences between the two actors may bring up a slight problem, though, since the film is animated/motion captured CG, the two could be made to look like each other. For example, in th eCG/Mo-cap film Beowulf, Ray Winstone definitely has no resemblance to his on screen character.

This story can’t get more exciting, the chance of this being a success frightens me a little, but, if they do this right, they’ll introduce the Belgian reporter to a whole new generation of kids.

Paramount to Fund 100% of ‘Tintin’

Paramount to Fund 100% of ‘Tintin’

The Adventures of TintinDeadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Paramount has stepped in to completely take over financing the Spielberg/Jackson produced ‘Tintin’ trilogy. The move comes after the two directors submitted a $130 million dollar budget to produce the three films. [Read more…]

Spielberg Still Directing ‘Tintin’

Herge Studios, the publisher for ‘Tintin,’ made a comment Tuesday alluding that Peter Jackson was going to take over directing the first ‘Tintin’ adaptation from Spielberg.

‘Tintin,’ is the famous comic created by Hergé, and about an adventurous Belgian reporter named Tintin. The books were translated for the world wide audience.

Reps from boths camps insisted that while Jackson remains attached to direct the sequel, he will only be producing the first film, with Spielberg directing. The film will be his first project since the new “Indiana Jones’ movie.

The studio has confirmed that the basis of the first film will be the two-part comics “The Secret of the Unicorn,” and “Red Rackham’s Treasure,” published in 1942 and 1944.

The film will be made with motion-capture technology a la ‘Polar Express.’ It stars Thomas Sangster as Tintin, and Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock.

More ‘Tintin’ Updates

As a huge fan, I’m following the Spielberg produced Tintin trilogy quite closely. Today it was announce that Steven Moffat, screenwriter of such shows as “Coupling,” and “Jekyll” has turned town a contract to write the first two films in the Tintin trilogy that has both Spielberg and Peter Jackson in the directors chairs respectively.

Apparently, Moffat was offered the chance to write for ‘Doctor Who,’ a long time dream job that he could not deny. He did however finish the first ‘Tintin’ script before the writers strike.

He was allowed out of a $2 million dollar contract he signed to write the ‘Tintin’ scripts. His paycheck for ‘Doctor Who’ will be about 30% of what he would have been paid to write the second ‘Tintin’ film.

The ‘Tintin’ film is still on track, with Spielberg beginning the first film before the end of this year.

Spielberg Goes Anime

It was announced a few months ago that Leonardo DiCaprio would be adapting one of the most famous pieces of anime film, ‘Akira.’ Now, one of Hollywood’s biggest players, Steven Spielberg, is following suit, having snatched up the rights to another Japanese anime classic. Dreamworks will be adapting ‘Ghost in the Shell,’ with Jamie Moss set to adapt the story into the screenplay. The current plan for the film will be a live-action, 3-D take on the animated story.

No word yet on whether Spielberg will be involved with the picture as director. Avi Arad, Ari Arad and Steven Paul have been listed as the producers.

See the whole story here!

Oscars: Best Director

This year, for me anway, is a pretty exciting year for the Oscars. The best director category usually has at least one of my favorite directors hanging around. Last year, we had Clint Eastwood and the long long overdue win for Mr. Scorsese. The year before held Steven Spielberg and the win for Ang Lee and the year before that had Clint Eastwood narrowly defeating Scorsese again, with a little hello nod for a hugely underrated director, Alexander Payne.

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