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Paramount to Fund 100% of ‘Tintin’

The Adventures of TintinDeadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Paramount has stepped in to completely take over financing the Spielberg/Jackson produced ‘Tintin’ trilogy. The move comes after the two directors submitted a $130 million dollar budget to produce the three films.

Following Universal’s shock, Paramount stepped in offering a full budget on the film that begins production next month.

Peter Jackson’s WETA digital workshop has spent $30 million developing performance capture technology to make Tintin, his dog snowy, Captain Haddock, and the rest of his crew.

This is one of the films on this site that I’m personally following very closely. Tintin, the Belgian reporter, is one of my favorite comic book heros. Tintin is widely known internationally, but I believe Universal is balking at this idea due to its fears of his performance domestically.

I still cannot wait.

One thought on “Paramount to Fund 100% of ‘Tintin’

  1. I grew up with Tin Tin, at my age I can still sit and read the books for hours and think I’m a child again. When I came to this country, I found it very odd that no one had heard of the books. But I was able to locate soft cover same size several of them, and I was happy.
    It’s so much part of me that it will never die.
    I love you Tin Tin and Snowy!!!

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