Cassar to Helm ‘Motorcade’

Jon Cassar, best known for his stellar work on FOX’s 24, has signed on to direct ‘Motorcade’ for DreamWorks.

Cassar opted out of working on the final season of 24 to direct ‘Motorcade’ which will be his first feature film. The studio is aiming to begin production by late summer or early fall 2010, and is eyeing Ryan Reynolds to play the disgraced Secret Service agent who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time when a U.S. president is kidnapped.

The film was originally in development with Len Wiseman in the directors chair, and Tom Cruise as the lead.

The film definitely sounds like something up Cassar’s alley, his 59 24 episodes were some of the shows best. He has an eye for this type of film, and I always enjoy these sort of political action thrillers. Those of you who haven’t seen 24: Redemption, pick that up today! So all in all sign me up for this one!

Downey Jr. Considered For Lestat

Website Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Universal Pictures is considering a re-boot of Anne Rice’s popular Vampire Chronicles.  As you may recall, the first film, “Interview With the Vampire,” was well reviewed and received, while the second movie, “Queen of the Damned,”… well, not so much.

The studio is reportedly interested in Robert Downey Jr. taking over the role of Lestat, previously played by Tom Cruise and Stuart Townshend.  Warner Bros. produced the first two films and held the rights for years, but has since let them lapse, which is how Universal gained them.  There is no word whether they’ll try to reboot the series and start over with “Interview,” or just move onto the third book, “The Tale of the Body Thief.”

Cronenberg Directing Cruise and Washington in “Matarese Circle”

David Cronenberg, best known for making some of the creepiest (and best) movies of the past two decades has reportedly signed to direct Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington in “The Matarese Circle.”

The script is by the guys who wrote “Wanted,” and based on the Robert Ludlum novel.  It’s about two long-time rival spies who join forces to battle a group of international killers.  Washington will play the CIA agent, and Cruise is in final talks to play the Russian agent.

I’m a Cronenberg fan and it seems that with each movie, he gets better and better.  I’m very intrigued by this one.  -Sam

Writer Hired For “Hardy Men”

Writer Ed Solomon, best known for scripting “Men in Black,” and “Charlie’s Angels,” has been hired to take on the Hardy boys.

Apparently, this is a dream project for Tom Cruise.  (No idea about what else he dreams about.)  Cruise hopes to make the movie with Ben Stiller and “Night at the Museum” director Shawn Levy.  The movie’s gone through a ton of re-writes, but, reportedly, Cruise wants to make this after he finishes the two movies that will keep him occupied for the rest of this year.

Do I look forward to a Tom Cruise comedy?  Well, not really.  But an amusing spin on the Hardy boys could be a fun movie.  We’ll see.  -Sam

DVD Review: Tropic Thunder

DVD Review: Tropic Thunder


Ben Stiller’s second directorial effort is a kitchen-sink affair, no joke is to low, no explosion is too big. Sending up actors and their craft, as well as the ridiculousness seemingly inherent in filmmaking, ‘Tropic Thunder,’ is an assault on the senses that, at the same time, is kinda boring in some spots. [Read more…]

Tom Cruise Offered ‘Top Gun 2?’

The Sun is reporting that Tom Cruise has been offered a role to star in a Top Gun sequel, now 22 years since the first film.

Apparently, this time, Maverick is an instructor at the flight school, and has to deal with a cocky new female pilot.

In this day and age, nothing surprises me, but, honestly, I think we could do without this one.

Noyce Returns to Espionage Genre

Noyce Returns to Espionage Genre

tom-cruise.jpgPhillip Noyce is returning to the subject of espionage and action with ‘Edwin A. Salt,” a possible new starring vehicle for Tom Cruise. Noyce, director of ‘Patriot Games,’ and ‘Clear and Present Danger,’ is in talks to direct this film. [Read more…]

Valkyrie Gets Delayed

Valkyrie Gets Delayed


I’m no Tom Cruise fan, but I am a huge fan of World War II movies.  So, I was quite disappointed to hear that Bryan Singer’s ‘Valkyrie’ is getting its release date pushed.

Originally scheduled for release on October 3, the movie will now open February 13, 2009.  The movie is about a group of Germans who plotted to kill Hitler with a bomb during a meeting.   It stars Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Terrence Stamp and Eddie Izzard.