Video of the Week: New Universal Studios Logo

Video of the Week: New Universal Studios Logo

Ever since my first visit to Universal Studios, I’ve always been a fan of the amazing back catalog of Universal films, as well as the history of the studio in general. IMP (Independent Moving Pictures) was founded in 1912 by Carl Laemmle, and a few years later, merged with a few other entities to create the Universal Motion Picture Manufacturing Company. This year marks the 100th anniversary for the studio, which is why they’ve refreshed their opening logo animation.

Personally, my favorite logo was in the early-mid 90s, but this new redesign definitely improves on the last more colorful version (not to mention I die a little inside when I read “A Comcast Company” underneath the logo). Happy Friday!

Psycho Blu-Ray Release Details

Psycho Blu-Ray Release Details

Universal Studios has announced the upcoming remaster and blu-ray release of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, ‘Psycho.’ It is the 50th anniversary of the classic film that drove everyone who saw it to sponge baths.

The film will be in Blu-Ray high-def, and will feature a new 5.1 surround sound mix. Ever since entering the world of 1080p, and blu-ray I definitely find myself rebuying a lot of films that I feel like look really poor despite being upconverted, so this is absolutely a must-buy for myself.

The disc will feature a plethora of new and old special features:

  • Psycho Sound: A never-before-seen piece that looks at the re-mastering process required to create a 5.1 mix from the original mono elements using Audionamix technology.
  • The Making of Psycho:  A feature-length documentary on Hitchcock’s most shocking film.
  • In the Master’s Shadow – Hitchcock’s Legacy: Some of Hollywood’s top filmmakers discuss Hitchcock’s influence and why his movies continue to thrill audiences.
  • Hitchcock/Truffaut Interviews: Excerpts from a 1962 audio interview with Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Audio Commentary: Feature-length audio commentary with Stephen Rebello (Author of “Alfred Hitchcock and the making of Psycho“)
  • Newsreel Footage: The Release of Psycho: Vintage newsreel on the unique policy Alfred Hitchcock insisted upon for the release of the film.
  • The Shower Scene: A look at the impact of music on the infamous “shower scene.”
  • The Shower Scene: Storyboards by Saul Bass: Original storyboard design.
  • Production Notes: Read an essay on the making of the film.
  • The Psycho Archives: See the gallery of on-set photo stills from the film’s production.
  • Posters And Psycho Ads: See a gallery of original posters and ads from the theatrical campaign.
  • Lobby Cards: View a gallery of promotional lobby cards from the film’s theatrical campaign.
  • Behind-The-Scenes Photographs: View rare photos showing the cast and crew at work.
  • Theatrical Trailer: Watch the original promotional trailer from the film’s theatrical campaign.
  • Re-Release Trailers: Watch the promotional trailer created for the re-release of the film.

The blu-ray will be available in all stores October 19, 2010

“Wolfman” Gets R Rating

With news that will no doubt thrill horror fans, Joe Johnston’s “Wolfman” has been given an R rating.  The rating has been given reportedly due to, “bloody horror, violence and gore.”  Given the rash of PG-13 rated horror movies that felt like they were holding back, I’m excited to see one that let’s it rip.  “Wolfman” stars Benecio del Toro, Emily Blunt, Hugo Weaving and Sir Anthony Hopkins.  It will hit theaters February 12, 2010.

More Details Emerge About Universal Fire

As more details surface about the the fire, the sadder it gets! Apparently, 100% of the archive prints stored on the lot were destroyed. Prints included films like “Flash Gordon,” “Dead Man Don’t Wear Plaid,” and “Out of Africa.”

The vault contained 50,000 videos or film reels, though thankfully, was not the location of the originals.

Most of the prints housed here are loaned to small film festivals and repertory theaters that screen older films. The studio announced that it’d be unable to honor any scheduled film bookings for films that were set to ship from Universal’s archives.

Fire Destroys Back to the Future Clock Tower

Fire Destroys Back to the Future Clock Tower


Universal Studios and Vatche’s childhood suffered a devastating blow on Sunday as fire damaged part of the studio back lot. [Read more…]

Universal Announces Blu-Ray Releases

Universal Announces Blu-Ray Releases


Universal Studios, one of the studios who backed HDVD has announced their first releases for Blu-Ray DVD.

The studio will release ‘Doomsday’ along with 40 other titles later this year.   Also on the slate for the holiday season are a bunch of the studio’s big summer releases including ‘The Incredible Hulk,’ ‘Hellboy II,’ ‘Mama Mia,’ and the fourth ‘Mummy’ movie.  (Fear not, the first three ‘Mummy’ movies are also on the release schedule.)

No word on when some of the classic Universal movies will be hitting high def.