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58th Annual Eddie Awards

There are many parts of the making of the film, writing, acting, directing, for some reason, editing is the part that always speaks to me. Perhaps its the appreciation for long nights in dark rooms, trying to assemble something that as-is makes no sense. George Lucas has always said his favorite part of the process is editing, its where the “movie is made.” Whatever your stance on it, the 58th Annual Eddie Awards took place this weekend.

I’ve gotten into a few debates over the Bourne series (I’m a huge fan, and there’s a few folks that strongly disagree), so it was great to see The Bourne Ultimatum walk away with the Best Editing in a Drama. If it doesn’t take the Oscar for Best Editing, you’ll have one disappointed Lonely Reviewer.

Other awards went to Sweeney Todd for best editing in a musical. HBO took awards for the major television categories, The Sopranos for hour-long series, and Curb Your Enthusiasm (one of my favorite TV shows) for half hour series.

Rounding out the awards are Cops for Best Non-Scripted Editing, and Sicko for Documentary.

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