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New Wolverine and Hulk Pics

I don’t know what Empire Magazine did to deserve this, but they got not one but two exclusive pics from two highly anticipated superhero movies: The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine. The first picture is Ed Norton as Bruce Banner strapped in to something, freaking out (is it me, or does he kind of look like he should be in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?). To the best of my knowledge, there have not been any pics leaked of what Hulk will look like.

The second pic is another one of Hugh Jackman as everyone’s favorite misanthropic mutant, Wolverine. Not really that much of a difference from the first picture that was revealed a few weeks ago, but still, it keeps the you even until your next fix. I like the moody aura these Wolverine pictures are relaying. It gives me some hope for this movie.

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