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‘My Name is Bruce’ Preview

If you’re like me, you think Bruce Campbell is the man. He is a talented actor given the right material, he exudes a coolness about him and he also maintains an everyman persona that doesn’t make him seem like you couldn’t relate to him. His career has been riddled with hits and misses, ranging from the awful ‘Alien Apocalypse’ to the amazing ‘Bubba-Ho-Tep.’ Through it all, his B-movie actor status hasn’t budged and his career continues on its path of making “maybe I’ll see it, maybe I won’t” films. However, Campbell is separated from the pack of B-movie actors because of his cult status (thanks, in large part, to his role as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy), making him an icon for a large group of film-goers. This iconic status brings us to his latest feature, ‘My Name is Bruce.’

The plot for this picture revolves around his cult status as Ash. Bruce is mistaken for his character and is called upon to take on a real monster in his town. Theoretically this film will be released in some form or another this year, but like most Campbell projects, it remains to be seen if this will be a theatrical, television or direct-to-video release. But for those of us who can’t wait, Bloody Disgusting has the trailer for the film available.

This is a total fanboy project and as a total fanboy, I’m pretty excited about this film. Here’s hoping for a large enough theatrical release.

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