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Rosemary Has Another Baby

Looks like we have another remake on our hands. Platinum Dunes is talking with Paramount to remake the 1968 horror movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby’. Clearly this is a great thing since Roman Polanski’s film was completely garbage (minus the “garbage” plus the “awesome”) and deserves the quality and care of a Platinum Dunes remake. It’s like parents getting a second chance to raise a child, if the new parents weren’t actually people but 17-foot rabid badgers that smoke crack and are hell-bent on destruction. This makes the fourth upcoming remake in the works for Platinum Dunes, the other three being: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘The Birds’, and ‘Friday the 13th’.

– Brandin

Note: Oh yeah, the 17-foot badgers also like to eat children.

One thought on “Rosemary Has Another Baby

  1. ahhhh…another nail in the coffin of Hollywood suicide. I am still pumped for the re-remake of The Shining, with Cedric The Entertainer as Dick Hallorann!

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