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You Wouldn’t Like Ed When He’s Angry

Hulk TeaserHere’s an interesting piece of info that just came out regarding the upcoming, ‘The Incredible Hulk.’ It appears that Ed Norton (who, as has been widely reported, was given a lot of creative input into the flick and had a heavy hand in re-writing the script) and Marvel are clashing over the final cut of the upcoming film and that both sides are don’t seem to be budging right now. I’ll let you read the article and see what you think as I’ve never seen this source before and it sounds more gossipy than anything. But if it’s true, I hope that they can come to some sort of resolve soon as I am pretty excited and hopeful about this flick.

Take a look at the full report here.

4 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Like Ed When He’s Angry

  1. How do you feel about them making a Hulk movie so soon after Ang Lee’s (which, like the Tomb Raider movies, I didn’t see)

  2. Well, it’s been 5 years since Ang Lee’s flick. While I didn’t hate Lee’s take on it, the movie was disappointing. And think that enough time has passed between the two where it’s not slapping Ang in the face but at the same time it’s hopefully going to let us heal and move on and have hope that Hulk movies can be just as great as Batman movies or some Spider-man movies. So that’s a long way of saying I’m down with the reboot this soon.

  3. Deadline Hollywood Daily is kept by a writer for the LA Times. Her posts during the WGA strike are considered some of the best reporting on the strike. I’d believe what she says.

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