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‘Speed Racer’ Second Trailer Hits

For those interested, here is the newest full length trailer for the upcoming, ‘Speed Racer’ film by the Wachowski brothers. Again, the film looks amazing in terms of visuals and this trailer gives us a bit more of what the story is going to be about than the first one did. I don’t know, though. It may just be me, but this film seems to have “box-office under-performance” written all over it. The audience seems too niche to make the money back. But I could be wrong. If I see it, it’ll be at an IMAX.

Go here to see John Goodman’s mustache in HD!

2 thoughts on “‘Speed Racer’ Second Trailer Hits

  1. I think Goodman is great. Anytime he’s paired up with the Coens it’s just great to watch. Lebowski, Raising Arizona, O Brother. He was awesome in all of those.

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