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Widespread Reports of a GTA IV Lockup Glitch

Potentially leaving a bad taste in gamers mouths, there have been reports of widespread technical glitches in Rockstar’s much hyped GTA IV game. Players have been reporting lockups and hangs, especially in the moment following the games opening cut-scene.

The lockup has been occurring more often on the 60GB Playstation 3 then the Xbox 360, but both systems have been seeing these issues.

Should be interesting how this plays out, but, thus far, no problems in my camp, I haven’t had a life since I turned it on yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Widespread Reports of a GTA IV Lockup Glitch

  1. Was playing the PS3 version for 3 days, then the horror struck.

    My last saved position had vanished, it tried to load a previous saved position whilst starting-up, but just hanged.

    So, I deleted all saves, the game started from the beginning, but locked-up after a few minutes of play.

    Something is screwed. I don’t have problems like this with any other PS3 games.

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