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MacFarlane & Fox Come to Terms

Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane and 20th Century Fox Television have reached an agreement that will keep him with the studio until 2012.

The deal will keep MacFarlane as the vocal talent on both ‘Family Guy,’ and ‘American Dad,’ as well as keeping him on as executive producer on both those shows. MacFarlane will also be executive producer of ‘Family Guy’ spin-off series ‘The Cleveland Show.’

I have to be honest, I’ve been pretty faithful to the show, and was extremely enthusiastic when they brought it back from cancellation, but, something about the show I just don’t find funny anymore. I’ve never been a fan of ‘American Dad,’ but ‘Family Guy,’ was excellent pre-cancellation. It’s quality since its return has been so-so.

MacFarlane is developing a live action show with Family Guy producing partner Gary Janetti.

2 thoughts on “MacFarlane & Fox Come to Terms

  1. I find myself watching ‘American Dad’ over ‘Family Guy’ now. I was also a huge fan of the show before it’s cancellation, but since it’s come back I haven’t found it that funny. I’ve only been offended once by a television show and it was the episode of ‘Family Guy’ when Peter had the stroke. Does the show really get good ratings still?

  2. I agree, I know the episode you speak of, and I found it pretty offensive as well. There’s just some things that are universally not funny, that’s one of them. There’s a fine line of making light, and just being plain offensive.

    It’s like, if you’re having trouble being funny, stepping over the line and offending viewers isn’t really the way to go. Look at South Park, I feel like their execution of things walk a fine line but never crosses it (stay HIV Positive?), but it almost like Family Guy just goes a little bit too far.

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