This Week in Television – Premiere Week

This Week in Television – Premiere Week

This is a new weekly column that will take a look at what is going on the ol’ boob tube! Wait. I don’t believe my TV has any tubes…

House M.D.

Everyone’s favorite Doctor is back in its 7th season, and it picks up literally where the last left off. (Quick Recap) Season 6 ended with House losing his patient, and running home to his last stash of Vicodin, and being stopped by Cuddy, who is most definitely not a hallucination this time around.

Cuddy and House spend the entire day at House’s apartment, basically building a foundation of their relationship. It is clear that much of this season will involve the “Huddy” relationship, and how it affects them and the rest of House’s staff and friends.

I love House because despite its repeating formula, the side stories of the characters are what keep the audience engaged. And occasionally, they do an episode unlike any of the others (I’m looking at you last years special season premiere that was essentially a mental hospital drama).

I think the season is definitely off to a good start and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Event

ABC’s last Lost replacement failed (Flashforward, which I got into and was sad to see it canceled), so now NBC is stepping up to the plate with a new event drama, called…The Event.

The first episode was thrilling, edge of your seat action, but honestly, I have no clue what direction the show is headed in. Am I interested? Yes. But the pilot focused so much on the “crazy” event that we didn’t get to learn more about the characters. Stay tuned for episode 2 next week.

Modern Family

Fresh off their Emmy wins, the ABC sitcom returns with a strong episode featuring an amusing situation with Cam and Mitchell trying to put together a castle for Lily, and Jay lending a hand. I enjoyed this show right away last year, and I’m glad to see it return.

The Office

Everyone is waiting to see how this season goes, we all know its Steve Carrell’s last, who will take over, what new story arcs will this season bring? The premiere introduced the new office assistant, who just so happens to be Michael Scott’s nephew. I enjoyed the episode, especially the lip-sync open. Off to a good start, I hope they can sustain it.


NBC’s new culture shock comedy telling the story of Todd Dempsy (Ben Rappaport) as an American office manager sent to India to manage a Mumbai call center staffed with a bunch of misfits. The pilot wasn’t anything that blew me away, but it has potential to grow. I’ll give it a few more chances, as long as it stays away from the heavy Indian stereotyping.

Hawaii 5-0

Didn’t make it through past the first commercial break. (Sorry CBS) I may give it another chance…

Shows I missed before writing this article: Lone Star, Boardwalk Empire, Bleep My Dad Says, and Fringe. I’ll follow up before the end of theweekend with an update of those shows!

Lost & 24 Season Finale Wrap Up/Review

Lost & 24 Season Finale Wrap Up/Review

Two of my most favorite shows have gone off the air, and I thought despite only covering Film recently, I’d like to do a review/write down my thoughts for a significant week in television. There will be spoilers herein, so please take care, if you plan on watching them in the future, or aren’t caught up, I will be discussing the shows in detail. So. One more time SPOILER ALERT.


Despite a lackluster past few seasons, the creative team behind 24 pulled out all the stops in what became the shows final season. Moving the locale to New York City
(something as a fan I’d wanted since season 5), we joined Jack Bauer as he’s brought in to provide his usual assistance on the eve of the signing of a historic peace treaty.

The producers admitted recently that they didn’t make too many changes the way the season was going to play out despite it being Jack’s last outing on television. However, it certainly did feel like at least in the last 6-7 episodes, they pulled out all the stops. Jack became even more vengeful then he’d ever been, out for blood, to hurt everyone responsible for the death of his friend and now lover, Renee Walker.

In the series finale, we watched Jack, despite wanting nothing but to kill everyone responsible, be talked down by his long time friend Chloe O’Brien. The most touching moment of the finale came in its last moments, when Jack, having been saved once again by Chloe’s intervention, Jack thanks Chloe for all her dedication, and friendship over the years. It was a great moment in television, and we watch Jack run via a drone feed.

The finale is a total set up for the film, but, I’m ok with that, I think it was a classy way to end the show.


The debate behind this has been raging, people either love it, or are frustrated by it. I’m 100% completely satisfied with how everything played out, and I’ll tell you why.

We’ve had a season full of answers, what the deal is with the smoke monster, what the island is, who is jacob, what the “numbers” represented. From day one, showrunners and exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have said that ‘Lost’ has always been a story of the characters. Flawed, but at the same time, special, the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 were brought together by fate, to a mysterious island. They’ve traveled through time, they’ve been shot at, attacked by polar bears, drowned, kidnapped. You name it, these guys went through a lot.

This last season started with what we eventually called a “sideflash,” where the plane never crashed. What we learn in the finale is, this “alternate reality,” is a purgatory of sorts. A world created by them, which gives them a chance to relive their lives the way they wanted, the ideal way. Of course, there is no happiness either, and realizing that they were in a false world, helped them “pass on” or “move on.”

It was beautifully put together, sure people are upset at the pile of things they didn’t explain, but to be anymore detailed would have been dumbing down the show. I applaud them for sticking to their vision, and like I said, I’m completely satisfied with this finale (albeit, sad, but I know I’ll be rewatching from season 1 soon). I think the episode was the best of the season, cinematically epic, and the best 2 hours and 30 minutes of TV (with commercials) I’ve seen. Ever.

So, now what am I watching? The Summer is here, so I’m going to have to play some catch up, maybe I’ll finally pop in ‘The Wire’ box set thats been sitting next to my TV for weeks. Here’s hoping for some great new shows this fall, anyone watching V?

24 Season 8 Trailer Hits

Words can’t describe my excitement for the final season of 24. After a lackluster Season 6, the writing team turned it around with the TV movie and 7th season. This season, they’ve moved the story to NY. Jack Bauer, New York City, Final Season.

It’s going to rock.

Fox orders Two Seasons of Cleveland

Fox orders Two Seasons of Cleveland

the-cleveland-showIt’s funny how things change. Just a short while ago, Fox canceled ‘Family Guy’ to the dismay of its fans, but, times are a changing. ‘Family Guy’ came back from the grave (however, one could argue its quality these days), and is birthing a spin-off.

The Cleveland Show, centered on Cleveland Brown, will be launching Fall 2009. Not only is Fox placing a lot of faith on the new show, but they’ve already ordered a second season.

The total episodes ordered right now are 35, and the second season is set to go in Fall of 2010.

Workprint of “Wolverine” Leaks On-Line

I guess you could have guessed that this day would come.  A DVD quality workprint of the upcoming Hugh Jackman summer movie “Wolverine,” has leaked on-line at various torrent sites.

The movie is apparently almost completely complete, with just FX shots missing.  There is no timecode, no watermark, no nothing.  On website says that this is the version of the movie that Fox saw and ordered that scenes be re-shot to improve the film.

What does this release mean?  It means that, if people don’t like it, the word will get out quickly.  Bad buzz on-line before has sounded the final bell on several films before they even opened.  Apparently, the movie is readily available.  We won’t bother posting a link.  If you know how to get it and want it, you’ll find it.

It still remains to be seen how the studios will react to this major leak.  One can assume they’ll crack down, but how hard is the big question.  It’s a delicate balance.  You still want people to go see the movie.  However, if you’re completely vicious to fans who can’t wait and will still be there on opening day, you might loose that fan.

It’s a new quirk in filmmaking.  It’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the next couple of days.  -Sam

Archuleta Signs with Jive/19 Recordings

David Archuleta, the number two from the latest season of American Idol has signed a deal with Jive Records/19 Recordings.

The 17 year old lost the title of “American Idol” to 25 year old David Cook on the sixth season of the top-rated American Idol.

Capcom Pursuing Hollywood

Capcom is looking to follow the example of Marvel Comics and turn their own properties into successful film franchises. Capcom is the publisher of Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Bionic Commando, Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, and Street Fighter.

Much of their future in film adaptations relies on ‘Street Fighter,’ a joint production with Fox. ‘Street Fighter’ is currently in production.

This is a constant debate on Lonely Reviewer, and I still maintain, its not exactly the property, its the creative talent behind it. I’ve got high hopes for Street Fighter (anything can be better then the original adaptation), I just need ONE movie right now to prove the naysayers wrong. (I’m looking at you Justin)

Season End TV Rating Results Announced

Season End TV Rating Results Announced

idol.jpgI’ve never been much to follow TV ratings, thus far they’ve always been the bane of my existence, killing some of my most beloved shows (Arrested Development, RIP). It’s not surprise to anyone that this has been one of the worst years for network ratings, down 7% as a whole from last year. [Read more…]

‘Life on Mars’ Not so Peachy for David E. Kelley

David E. Kelley may be stepping down from his co-producer role on ‘Life on Mars,’ a new sci-fi series based on the original BBC sci-fi crime drama. The series aims to be a contender for ABC’s lineup next season.

Casting problems have plagued the show since Kelley first brought it to ABC. Jason O’Mara was originally cast in the lead. ABC Studios will join 20th Century Fox TV if Kelley departs.

MacFarlane & Fox Come to Terms

MacFarlane & Fox Come to Terms

Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane and 20th Century Fox Television have reached an agreement that will keep him with the studio until 2012. [Read more…]